As a Saskatoon resident or a member of the Sporting Community the Saskatoon Sport Council (S.S.C.) asks for your support by helping to enhance the delivery of sport in Saskatoon. We offer three levels of membership.

Active Membership: Eligibility for this category includes; sport specific organizations who are developing and delivering sport opportunities  Examples: Minor Sport Groups, Alpine Skiing-Blackstrap Racing Club,  Saskatoon Minor Softball Association, Community Associations, and Schools.

Affiliate Membership: Eligibility for this category is available to any organization whose focus is on multi-sport programming.  Example: Tribal Council, Sport Tourism, City of Saskatoon, YMCA/YWCA.

Associate Membership:  Eligibility for this category is for organizations or individuals who play a supportive role in sport either by coach, volunteer, sport facility, or provincial sport governing body.  Examples: Individual Coach, Volunteer Saskatoon, Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre, Basketball Saskatchewan.

  • There is no membership fee with the Saskatoon Sports Council
  • Membership must be confirmed by your organization
  • All recognized sport organizations within the city of Saskatoon are eligible for membership
  • Regular emails with grant information, courses, etc.
  • Discounted registration fee for workshops
  • Newsletter and a link to your home page from our website
  • Voting privileges for active members

For more information on the Saskatoon Sports Councils Initiatives or response to any questions please contact us directly at 306-975-0830. To apply for membership today download our membership form.

Membership Renewal:
Fax to 306-242-8007 or Mail to:

Saskatoon Sports Council
510 Cynthia Street
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7L 7K7

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