There are many places in the world which very people have in their ‘must-visit’ list and Saskatoon is one of them. Located in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada this city offers you a variety of options to visit. From museums to valleys to parks and food this place has everything. Here is our list of things that you should do when you visit Saskatoon.
Farmer’s market 
This is the oldest and largest market in the entire province. Beyond farmers, there are also crafters, artisans and food makers available. This market is open 
on WednesdaySaturday, and Sunday during the month of summer. If you time then you should definitely visit this market and enjoy a lovely lunch alongside the mesmerizing Saskatchewan River.
Wansukewin park 
An afternoon spent at the Wansukewin park is a time well spent. The people of-Saskatchewan are proud of their culture and aboriginal heritage. And to teach people about their roots they have created many parks. One of them is Wansukewin park. In this park, there are settlements that date back more than 6000 years and are very well preserved. This park also contains archeological sites that contain the pre-date Egyptian pyramids.
Boat cruise
The city of Saskatoon is located on the banks of the river. And that is why making a journey on Prairie Lily is a must. The relaxing journey takes you around the city for one hour. The ride is available from Wednesdays to Sundays. 


Horsedrawn Carriage ride 
A trip to Saskatoon will be incomplete without taking a Horsedrawn Carriage ride. A summer day on an elegant wagon and listening to clip-clopping of hooves with a beautiful Riverview sounds amazing, right? And this is what this horse ride will offer you. You will many options to choose from. Downtown tours, Spadina Crescent are some of the common rides that travelers prefer. This ride will be best during the months of May to September.
Blackstrap provincial park 
Strolling through a city on a cycle is every traveller’s dream. And what better way to do this with a hilly view on one side and river flowing on the other! 40 minutes towards the south of the city lies a beautiful park called blackstrap provincial park. You can cycle your way towards these beautiful unusual hills or can also prefer a trek. Many travellers avoid the winter chill and rather prefer the spring and summer time to visit this place.
Friendship Park 
After a long day of traveling and hitchhiking, you would like some rest and relax, right? And if you have the option of relaxing and enjoying an outdoor movie than? You would jump right away towards the place. Friendship Park is one of the city’s developed parks. Park also offers you the options of rollerblading, canoeing, picnicking and bike riding. So when you visit this park don’t forget to carry your blankets and some popcorn!