Sport is an important part of a nation. Especially for its youth and development. Canada is one such country with rich sports culture. They are widely known as the sports-loving country. Canadian sports are generally more physical. This helps them cope the environment and obesity. They are one of the dominant countries in Summer as well as Winter Olympics. Because of their climate, they tend to play more Winter based sports. Here are some of the most played sports in Canada:

Ice hockey
Ice hockey is the most important as well as the most popular game in Canada. It is also their national game. Canada has their own hockey league called ‘National hockey league’ (NHL). Currently, there are 7 teams competing in this league. This sport is widely played from amateur to professional level in Canada.

Compared to other games rugby came late in Canada. But still, this has not affected its popularity. When you talk about rugby world cup Canada is one of the favorites to win the competition. They participated in the inaugural world cup held in 1987. And were quarter-finalists in 1991 which is there best ever run.

Commonly known as football this game gained popularity in Canada 1980s. Women soccer has tasted more international success than men in Canada. Recently, in 2012 London Olympics Canada’s women soccer team went to the semi-finals where they lost to favorites and eventual winners the United States by 4-3. They came out of the competition winning bronze medal having secured third place by defeating France by 1-0. Still, the game is yet to taste the popularity it enjoys in Europe.

Perhaps the second most popular game in Canada after Ice hockey is basketball. Many people might not be aware of this fact but basketball was invented by a Canadian. The game sees a huge number of crowd in the leagues and national matches. In 1994, two teams were drafted in NBA of United States and professional basketball received its due accolades.


Cricket is making small leap and bounds compared to other sports in Canada. Canada became  ICC member in 1968. They have played four world cups till now, the last being in 2011. They constantly participate in various national and international tournaments. Idea is to develop Canada as a cricket playing nation in near future.

Baseball grew its popularity in Canada in 1990s. It is also considered as the golden age for basketball in Canada. It was during this time that Toronto Blue Jays, a Canadian baseball team won two consecutive world baseball in 1992 and 1993. The game attracts huge college crowd and a large number of adults. It is generally a summer sport in Canada. The game is expected to gain more popularity in the next decade.